Cai Lab

We have pioneered the field of single cell spatial genomics, gaining unprecedented insights into the molecular and spatial organization of organisms.

What drives us?

Biology is defined by spatial organization at many scales, ranging from meters – the size of the human body – to nanometers (billionths of a meter) – the size of molecules. We develop and utilize breakthrough technologies that allow us to observe the organization inside cells and the processes that drive cell functions.

Our methods answer the technical challenge of how to comprehensively image cell activity within its native environment. We’re able to apply our technologies to some of the most challenging problems in developmental biology, immunology, neuroscience, cancer biology, and microbiology.

Our Technologies

Cai Lab developed seqFISH, a novel imaging technology that allows us to simultaneously visualize tens of thousands of different molecules in a single tissue sample. To achieve this level of molecular information, we combine fluorescence microscopy, DNA labeling nanotechnology, custom fluid handling, and advanced image processing.

In collaboration with the Elowitz Lab at Caltech, we’ve developed MEMOIR – a system that allows us to record cell lineage information and event histories in vivo that can subsequently be readout in situ by seqFISH.

Latest News

Cai Lab BBQ 2022

Cai Lab BBQ 2022

Spring is in full swing on the Caltech campus and Cai Lab is celebrating! Leaving our bench work behind, the whole team had a much needed break...

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The Cai Lab Team

We are a group of scientists with diverse research interests who are working together to uncover new biological principles using the power of multiplexed molecular imaging in single cells/in situ.

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